Welcome! You have reached the Official Website of Wahkiakum PUD serving Wahkiakum County.
DIGGING SOON? Call 811. If your project involves digging you must submit a locate request at least 2 full business days (not including weekends and holidays) before breaking ground. Call 811 or submit a locate request online before you dig to protect yourself and others from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines. Whether you are planning to do it yourself or hire a professional, call 811 or submit a locate request online before you dig.
Landscaping can hide or restrict important utility access to equipment for maintenance and repairs, it can make the equipment difficult to locate and over time, trees grow into the lines causing the potential for dangerous situations or extended outages. You can help by avoiding planting near electric or water meters, over or under utility lines and ensuring trees and shrubs are planted at least 10 feet from ground mounted transformers.
LOOKING FOR A WAY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Consider donating to the Residential Energy Assistance Program (REAP). Voluntary contributions can be done any time and in any amount at the office, by phone, by mail and with your utility payment or elect to have REAP contributions automatically included on your monthly billing statements. All donations remain in Wahkiakum County to help local families in need.