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Report an Outage

If an outage occurs:

  • Determining the cause:

    • If there’s an electric outage, check your circuit breakers to rule out problems with electricity inside your home. If your electric service is for a mobile home, RV site or temporary meter base be sure to check your GFI breaker on the meter base. 

    • If there's a water outage, check your water meter to rule out a water line break on your property. Most meters have a flow indicator, a small dial that will spin even if only a small amount of water is passing through the meter. If the dial is moving, you may have a leak that is causing your outage. Turn off your water emergency shut off valve to minimize water loss until repairs are made.

  • If your outage is not a result of problems with your breakers or a water line break report your outage. Call Wahkiakum PUD to report the outage at 360-795-3266 or 360-465-2171 (or afterhours call Wahkiakum County Sheriff’s Office at 360-795-3312 or 360-465-2202).

  • Stay away from any downed power lines and report them to Wahkiakum PUD right away. Do NOT attempt to move or drive over the lines. Even in an outage, power lines may still have an electrical current running through them.

  • If your home or business is flooded, never enter standing water unless you're absolutely sure the main power has been shut off. 

  • Leave one light switch on so you'll know when electricity has been restored.

  • Unplug all unnecessary sensitive electronics to protect from surges or consider using surge protectors.

  • Turn off or disconnect any appliances (like stoves) or electronics you were using when the power went out.

Stay informed:​

  • Wahkiakum County Department of Emergency Management maintains a recorded line to alert Wahkiakum County residents of special road conditions, extreme weather alerts and emergency instructions. Call their emergency information line at 360-795-3911 or 1-877-795-3910 and sign up on line for Wahkiakum County Emergency Management alert notifications at  


Preparing ahead of time:

Harsh weather conditions can cause electrical outages or water line breaks from a variety of reasons – heavy winds, ice forming on the lines, freezing temperatures or even floods. Knowing a few tips ahead of time is a great way to prepare for a variety of potential emergencies:

  • Know the location of the electrical circuit breaker in your home.

  • Insulate your water pipes and outside faucets to protect from freezing.

  • Know the location of the emergency shut off valve for your water.

  • Find out ahead of time how to manually override an electric garage door.

  • Red Cross recommends everyone put together a 2-week emergency preparedness kit with these supplies in case of a prolonged or widespread power outage:

    • Water—one gallon per person per day (storing water in your freezer is a good way to keep water fresh)

    • Food—non-perishable, easy-to prepare items and manual can opener

    • Pet food, supplies and water

    • A safe secondary heating and cooking source

    • Flashlight and extra batteries

    • Battery-powered or hand-crank radio (NOAA Weather Radio, if possible)

    • First aid kit, medications and medical items, including glasses and contacts

    • Multi-purpose tool

    • Sanitation, garbage bags and personal hygiene items

    • Copies of personal documents (medication needs, identification, insurance policies)

    • Cell phone with extra batteries or powerless chargers

    • Keep a non-cordless telephone in your home and a printed list of family and emergency contact information

    • Emergency cash​


Our crews work hard to restore utility services as quickly as possible but with these simple steps, outages are much easier if we’re prepared.

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