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Packaged Terminal Heat Pump Rebate Program

To qualify for Wahkiakum PUD rebates all projects must obtain pre-approval before installing any energy efficiency measures.

Wahkiakum PUD is helping our customers reduce electric bills and make their residential multifamily and commercial buildings more comfortable through our Packaged Terminal Heat Pump Rebate Program. Residential packaged terminal heat pumps (PTHPs) are an HVAC equipment type commonly used in multifamily applications. A PTHP retrofit replaces a packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) or zonal electric-resistance heating.


Pre-qualification from Wahkiakum PUD is required to be eligible for all utility rebate programs. When selecting an contractor, installation contractor must be licensed, insured and bonded to work in Washington State; visit or contact Wahkiakum PUD to confirm contractor eligibility.


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