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LED Lighting Rebate Program

To qualify for Wahkiakum PUD rebates all projects must obtain pre-approval before installing any energy efficiency measures.

Wahkiakum PUD’s Non-Residential Lighting Program is helping its customers reduce their monthly electric costs for existing agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings through retrofit/upgrades of existing lighting. Switching to energy-efficient lighting is one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bills and controls such as timers and photocells can save even more electricity by turning lights off when not in use. Under the Non-Residential Lighting Retrofit Program Wahkiakum PUD may be able to pay a portion of the cost to retrofit/upgrade your qualified lighting.


Pre-qualification from Wahkiakum PUD is required to be eligible for all utility rebate programs. When selecting an contractor, installation contractor must be licensed, insured and bonded to work in Washington State; visit or contact Wahkiakum PUD to confirm contractor eligibility.

As part of the pre-approval process customers must complete Wahkiakum PUD’s Non-Residential Lighting Pre-qualification Application and the Wahkiakum PUD Lighting Calculator (v6.0) to determine program energy savings, reimbursement levels, eligible equipment specifications and for important step-by-step program guidelines.



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