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Vegetation Program


Vegetation Management Program

An effective Vegetation Maintenance Program is critical to our reliable delivery of electric and water services. The tree trimming and removal work we perform is designed to provide minimum clearances between plants/trees and utility lines or equipment.


Per RCW 64.12.035, Wahkiakum PUD is permitted to cut or remove vegetation if it is located on or originating from land or property adjacent to electric facilities that: 1) has come in contact with or caused damage to electric facilities; 2) poses an imminent hazard to the general public; and/or 3) poses a potential threat to damage electric facilities.


What are my responsibilities to ensure safe access to utility equipment on my property?


Landscaping can hide or restrict important utility access to equipment for maintenance and repairs and it can make the equipment difficult to locate. When considering plants and trees for your yard, please do not plant or landscape near meters, power transformers or over/under power or water lines as over time, trees grow into the lines causing the potential for dangerous situations or extended outages. You can help by avoiding planting near electric or water meters, over or under utility lines and ensuring trees and shrubs are planted at least 10 feet from ground mounted transformers.


Our maintenance program reduces risk and minimizes outages caused by falling trees, branches or limbs, and improves the reliability and safety of your electric and water service.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office at 360-795-3266 or 360-465-2171 or visit us at 45 River Street in Cathlamet.

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