Welcome to Wahkiakum PUD!
Wahkiakum PUD's Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs are helping our customers reduce their monthly electric bills and make their homes and small businesses more comfortable. Under the Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs Wahkiakum PUD may be able to pay a portion of the cost to insulate and replace the outdated windows or zonal heating in your electrically-heated residence or small business.
Sign up by April 30th! Each spring Wahkiakum PUD offers customers an opportunity to sign up for the Budget Payment Plan. The Budget Payment Plan is an equal monthly payment plan; the cycle begins with the May billing statement and ends with the April billing statement the following year. Customers who are interested should contact us by April 30th if you wish to sign up. Give the office a call at 360-795-3266 or 360-465-2171 to sign up today!
Wahkiakum PUD's Residential Energy Assistance Program is helping our qualified low-income residential customers to pay their electric bills. Wahkiakum PUD will accept voluntary contributions identified specifically for the Residential Energy Assistance Program and 100% of the funds raised by the Residential Energy Assistance Program stay in Wahkiakum County to help local low income families in need.